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Important Information Regarding Identity Theft Risk

All volunteers and staff should review information from the Archdiocese of Seattle regarding an information security breach that puts them at risk of identity theft. For more information please see the Archdiocese Action Alert Page.

Fostering a life-long love of learning through excellent religious, academic, and co-curricular activities ● Student-centered curriculum and instruction based on unique learning styles
Imparting to children the understanding that they are children of God ● Welcoming students and families of all faiths while maintaining our Catholic identity
Partnering with parents to educate their children ● Active parent involvement and participation in the lives of our children
Assistance for families with financial need ● Welcoming students and families of all faiths while maintaining our Catholic identity
Leadership & Service
Encouraging our youth to reach out to join and serve the larger community ● Stewardship of our time, talent, and treasure for the common good of Church, society, and the global community

What Makes a St. John Education Distinctive?

  • Learning
  • Values
  • Community
  • Accessibility
  • Leadership & Service

Welcome to St. John School

School Theme:  "In His Image"

Pre K - 8 Grade levels at St. John School
541 Number of students enrolled
65 % of faculty holding advanced degrees
300 Number of students on championship cross country team
23 % diverse ethnic background
1923 Year founded by the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary
26 % Non-parish families


  1. Wednesday, April 16
    1. Holy Week
  2. Thursday, April 17
    1. Holy Thursday
  3. Friday, April 18
    1. Good Friday Stations, Church
      2:00 PM
  4. Saturday, April 19
    1. Holy Week
    2. Holy Saturday
  5. Sunday, April 20
    1. Cantionis Mass
      10:30 AM

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What makes St. John Accessible?

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